Strategic Partners

When Red Coral were exploring our global partnership options we knew straight away there was only one company we really wanted to work with. Nest Seekers International is a game-changing firm in the rapidly expanding global real estate marketplace. The firm’s hybrid tech & brand enabled model has inspired a new wave of thinking in the industry, and its approach to daring and unconventional marketing has elevated and revolutionized the way people think of real estate. They are inclusive, dynamic, creative, talented and focused.

Nest Seekers International continues to expand with 25+ offices and more than 1000 team members around the globe. Based in Manhattan, London, Beverly Hills, Brooklyn, Long Island City, The Hamptons, New Jersey, Miami, Greenwich, Asia, Spain, Portugal and now the British Virgin Islands, Nest Seekers International has emerged as a leading international real estate firm. It has established itself as a brilliant marketer of New Developments and it continues to represent some of the most spectacular properties in the world and the most sophisticated buyers and investors.

The firm was established by founder Eddie Shapiro in 2001. He continues to lead the firm and carry out its vision as President & CEO along with a growing management team of likeminded individuals. Nest Seekers professionals are frequently featured as experts on highest rated media outlets such as CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and on real estate shows.

Aspirational and mid to high net worth consumers rely on familiar and trusted brands that share similar principals and identity. Nest Seekers’ mission is to take what it has established in New York, New Jersey, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Miami, London and cross connect it with the rest of the key metro megacities such as Paris, Monaco, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Geneva, Paris, Dubai, Sydney, Cape Town, Rio, Tel Aviv, Moscow and more recently destination locations in the Caribbean through a smart technology platform that is revolutionizing efficiency, quality, connectivity and solidifying Nestseekers International as the leading partner for high quality real estate services. Every aspect of the business is conceptualized, designed and built in-house. Creativity, ingenuity, quality and passion in service are the fundamentals to their success and growth and Red Coral are proud and privileged to work with such talented and committed real estate professionals.

Property Skipper is an innovative online platform that has focused on island locations. They have an extensive coverage, and they represent the top brokers in the BVI, Bermuda, Guernsey and Jersey. We love working with them as they have a global footprint and are always looking at how to incorporate new technologies into property shortlisting. They are committed to sharing thought leadership and delivering high end customer and we are delighted to partner with them.