JAN 19, 2022

BVI Real Estate Mortgage Info

Securing a Mortgage & Bank Contacts

The British Virgin Islands boasts a world-class financial industry and the banks are welcoming to investors.  If you are considering a purchase and would like to discuss a mortgage there are a number of banks offering loans to those wishing to make a real estate investment.

The primary retail operators are:

The are also a few private banks offering comprehensive private and trust banking services to international and domestic clients.

First Caribbean International Bank

PO Box 70
Road Town, Tortola

International Platinum Banking Manager
Fabian Devonish email: fabian.devonish@cibcfcib.com
(B) 284-852-9955 (C) 284-542-6715

Platinum Banking Associate
Roslyn McMillian email: roslyn.mcmillan@cibcfcib.com
284-852-9942 (C) 284-340-8029

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico

PO Box 67
Road Town, Tortola

House Construction Loans
Shenell White email: swhite@bppr.com
(fax 284-494-5294)

House Mortgages
Margaret Henry email: m.henry@henry@bppr.com
284-852-2600 Ext 2604 (C) (284) 443-2164

Land Loans email: k.thompson@bppr.com
Kennie Thompson

National Bank of the Virgin Islands Limited

Maylecia Stoutt

Loans Land
Email: mstoutt@nationalbank.vg

Franklyn Hodge
PO Box 275
Road Town, Tortola

Email: fhodge@natbankvi.com

284-494-3737 or 284-494-3738 ext. 2939
(fax 284-494-3119)

Republic Bank BVI

PO Box 434
Road Town, Tortola

Loan Officer: Dorolyn Molyneaux

Email: dorolyn.molyneaux@rfhl.com (284) 852-2195

Loan Officer: Mia Wattley-Forbes

Email: mia.wattley-forbes@rfhl.com (284) 852-2175

Loan Officer: Avanell Sylvester

Email: avanell.sylvester@rfhl.com  (284) 852-2171

Private Banks

VP Bank (BVI) Limited
PO Box 3463
Road Town, Tortola

Sjoerd Koster Email: sjoerd.koster@vpbank.com
(fax 284-494-1199)

Danielle Farara
Email: Danielle.Farara@vpbank.com

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